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Do you know what your buying?

March 31, 2010

When you lined up to buy your iPhone you knew exactly what you were getting – a cool new phone.

However, with the iPad things are a little different.

The iPad can do everything, but what will it become popular for? Will it be an eReader with apps? Or will it truly be the big game changer that every Apple loyalist is talking about?

Nonetheless, despite the fact that nobody really knows what the future of the iPad will most likely be, people are happily dropping $500 to ensure themselves a copy of Steve Jobs incredibly awesome and incredible new gadget.

Who knows, maybe the iPad will suck? Maybe it will be a flop? But when Apple has customers as loyal as this guy quoted in the AP:

“If Apple sold groceries, I would buy groceries from them,” says Matthew Rice, who works for pharmaceutical company Merck & Co.

Then it really doesn’t matter what the iPad does, promises to do, or is expected to do, people will buy it solely because its Apple.

And yes – I want one to.


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