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In case you missed it: iPad the netbook killer?

April 1, 2010

Walter S Mossberg writes that the iPad may just be the netbook killer, that perhaps the tablet computer will replace our netbooks.

So while people rage on about how the iPad won’t be able to do spreadsheets adequatly, update data entries, or become viable enough to replace your netbook, Mossberg comes along suggesting that perhaps the iPad may in fact be the future of mobile computing technology- the breakthrough that we have all been waiting for.

He starts by mentioning the myriad of features that the iPad is missing that have given many critics a significant sum of their critical ammunition.

previous tablet computers have failed to catch on in the mass market, and the iPad lacks some of the features—such as a physical keyboard, a Webcam, USB ports and multitasking—that most laptop or netbook users have come to expect.

And this is very true. The iPad just like the iPod or even the iPhone are not the first in their category.

In the end Mossberg decides that the iPad can indeed replace his netbook/laptop for most of his everyday work.

My verdict is that, while it has compromises and drawbacks, the iPad can indeed replace a laptop for most data communication, content consumption and even limited content creation, a lot of the time. But it all depends on how you use your computer.


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