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The iPad – A product ahead of its time?

April 1, 2010

The media seems to have a love-hate relationship with the iPad.

Many continue to list its defects by comparing it to a netbook/laptop.

It doesn’t have a camera, its not 16:9, the hard drive sucks!, are all common complaints about Apples new Tablet computer.

However, non-haters seem to believe that the iPad is the wave of the future and many commentators that have been lucky enough to get their hands on one seem to have fallen in love with it.

Others however, view it as a “concept car” a first generation game changer that in its first version will be lacking, but within a couple generations will become the piece of hardware to own.

OK, but all that said, I think we all need to take a deep breath and remember: it’s not that the iPad is a failure. It’s just a product ahead of its time. No one should actually buy this iPad–between its inevitable first-generation bugs, fulfillment problems, and buyer’s remorse over added features and price drops, it’s heartbreak waiting to happen. Try to think of the iPad as, like, a proof of concept. A concept car, even. A work in progress, really.

In either case I still want one. I don’t care if its a gimmick =P


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