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Big Names unveiling iPad products

April 2, 2010

This latest article in Cnet highlights the various big name players that have just announced some amazing products for the iPad.

You can watch movies on Netflix, streamed to your iPad,

Netflix is offering subscribers a free app that lets them instantly watch an unlimited number of TV shows and movies streamed to the tablet. iPad streaming will be free on all Netflix plans costing $8.99 or more per month. Netflix subscribers can also stream TV episodes and films by selecting them from a broad list of genres via the iPad’s touch screen or by adding them to a queue for future viewing, said the company.

Play Command and Conquer Red Alert, in a new and innovative way,

In Command & Conquer, players can use a three-finger multitouch approach to move their armies around the screen and zoom in and out of the battlefield.

And even read your favorite comics for a dollar on the large iPad screen

Each comic has been optimized for the iPad by redigitizing and recoloring each print issue for the tablet’s larger, brighter format, said Marvel. Using the device’s touch screen, readers can virtually flip from one page to another by swiping their fingers and can zoom in or out of each page and panel.

And while I’ll admit that these additions are largely gimmicks (where are the work apps?), they do add a whole new world of possibility for the iPad.


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