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iPad exclusive Apps

April 2, 2010

According to Steve Jobs and Apple, the vast majority of iPhone apps will port to the iPad.

Now, of course, this claim is quite… well… how do you say… ridiculous? Yes, the iPad is technically a big iPhone, but that doesn’t mean that all the apps currently for sale at the app store will convert perfectly to the iPad format.

How can we forget that the iPad has a bigger screen, other tweaks, and that it still has that bigger screen. Will things port over with the right resolution, much less make up for any other unforeseen issues?

Well according to Apple, most of them will.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t discouraged 3rd party app developers from making iPad exclusive apps for the iPad. In fact useful apps like picture uploaders, photo editors, and “artistic apps” will become infinitely more useful and viable on the iPad due to its larger screen.Basically, any app that required creativity on the users part will become far more useful on the iPad.

Many companies are releasing iPad exclusive apps.

Take for example Moobila’s “Foto Editor” app that allows you to edit photos in a wide variety of ways.While editing photos on the iPhone was an amiable affair, editing photos on an app exclusively meant for the iPad will make things a lot more conducive, while creating photos that are more worthy of artistic approval.

Elecontric Arts is releasing a new version of Command and Conquer Red Alert that will take advantage of the iPads unique tablet interface.

Given all this, tomorrow is the big day, and everyone’s predictions will be either proven right or wrong.

But whatever, I’m still buying an iPad.


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