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Steve Wosniak (Apple co-founder) in the trenches

April 3, 2010

This is to be expected – Steve Wosniak showing up to an Apple grand opening.

But I’m posting it anyway.

The ever buoyuant Woz, who brought along his Segway, which he used to cruise the empty mall halls, provided tech tales to all who wanted to hear them.

I wish I could have seen this, actually I’d rather not.

But the fact that Wosniak is getting his iPad in the same exact manner like the rest of us Plebeians.

The Apple co-founder — who pre-ordered his iPad — would have had no problem snagging an iPad or two from 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino. But he thrives on joining the enthused throngs. In the past, he as shown up at the Valley Fair store for iPhone launches, handing out doughnuts and swapping tech tales with all comers.

They only gave him one iPad too.

An early supply crunch apparently forced Apple to limit individuals and businesses to one order of two iPads. Even Woz couldn’t get more: After ordering one iPad, he tried to put in another order for one more for a friend, but was turned away.

Darn that crunch!


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