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So its day 2 of the iPad…

April 4, 2010

So you probably still don’t have an iPad, and the urge to get one is great right?

I mean after all, other than the information thrown our way by Steve Jobs, carefully selected journalists, and the rumor mill, we didn’t know much about the actual product until yesterday.

Apple did a lot to ensure that whatever they wanted to keep secret stayed a secret.

Scores of developers have had iPad’s for weeks now. They’ve had to sign non-disclosure agreements, and have the iPad locked in a separate room that random employees couldn’t access. And even that wasn’t enough. The iPads are literally chained to the desk with steel cable and a lock. Apple comes by the office with a suitcase, installs the iPad in a bolted case, chains it to the desk and locks it there. And they they do occasional surprise visits just to make sure it’s still there.

Well, now that us “normals” have had a chance to get our hands on the iPad, a slew of revelations have come out.

1) Its a lot heavier than we thought (although its still quite light).

2) Its wickedly fast, like wow…

3) The battery actually does last 10 hours, and some have said it can last up to 12 hours while doing constant work.

4) You can actually do work on this thing.


But what about the bad? And what about the other fully answered questions?

Does the iPad stack up well when converting iPhone apps to the iPad? According to Rene Ritchie at TiPb its merely alright.

they’re alright. The looks faired from okay to pretty good, but when compared to native iPad apps you really notice the lack of iPad-ness — like watching an SD movie blown up to HD, you start to miss the details. It’s almost claustrophobic at times because you know a real iPad app could just blow out of those lower-res constraints.

In any case, more revelations have yet to come, and I expect that within a week real official and credible reviews of the iPad will come out.

Til then, enjoy your iPad.


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