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TiPb Review of the iPad

April 6, 2010

One of the things I’ll be doing here is finding every OFFICIAL review of the iPad and posting them here one at a time, I’ll also be counting how many people complain about the Wi-Fi.

Here is TiPb’s Review (Click here I’m not posting the entire thing here!):

Wi-fi complaint:

Speaking of that aluminum casing, it blocks WiFi signals pretty effectively. To get around that, Apple placed the WiFi antenna behind the plastic Apple logo. While all reports indicate it’s a good antenna, I do find that I’m getting slightly worse reception on the iPad than I do on other devices. Apparently the 3G model will have a plastic strip on the rear panel so there’s more room for the antennae to breath. It’s too soon for me to say for sure, but I think it might help on the WiFi-only version as well.

Battery Life Applause:

On that balance, Apple clearly went for longer battery life and I fully applaud them for it. In my first few days of testing, I can say that the iPad definitely achieved Apple’s 10 hours of use. Cranking the screen brightness up to 100% will cut down on that, though – I had it set high for several video reviews and noticed the difference. The bottom line is that you don’t need to fret too much about battery life.

Steve Jobs Praise:

That look, that feel, combine to make the iPad the most intimate digital interaction experience we’ve ever had. When Steve Jobs said you had to use it to understand it was a rare moment of understatement from Apple’s master orator. It’s better than we thought it would be, and we’re an enthusiast site.

Bottom Line:

If you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem and have a passion for the future of technology, you’ll likely also want an iPad. Otherwise you’ll need to think about it a lot more first.

And there ya have it. Expect more in depth reviews in the days to come.


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