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Drooling iPad Review Huffington Post

April 7, 2010

Craig Kanalley writes one of the most butt kiss iPad reviews I’ve seen in the past few days.

The iPad has only one flaw according to Kanalley – its pricey.

Remember, when a critic praises every feature of a product and lists the “price” as the only negative to consider, it usually means that the product is worth the money.

In fact the iPad has no “real” negatives. Every single complaint about the iPad circulating on the web at this very moment are conveniently dismissed by Kanalley.


The size is just right, the weight is just right, and it feels good to hold.


And to put something to rest: The Flash issue is overrated. It’s Web developers and certain organizations flipping out that they’re not compatible with the iPad, but realistically, there are so many other things you can do on this device, never mind Flash!

No mention of Wi-Fi issues, but apparently the iPad is great at everything.

If the iPad was just for video, it would be remarkable

If the iPad was just for gaming, it would be fantastic.

If the iPad was just for touch-screen Internet browsing, it would be special.

And don’t forget to throw away your Kindle!

And of course, if the iPad was just for books, it would be revolutionary.

This article is drooling with so much praise it almost reads like an Apple Press Release.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I love the iPad, and I still want one.


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