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The Various Statements on the iPad

April 7, 2010

The minute I turn on any form of media, I’m immediately blasted with a wave of “opinions” regarding the iPad, and any other issue related to Steve Jobs new wonder gadget.

So today, while driving home, listening to the political radio show “Hard Knock Radio,” a show that focus’s on civil rights activism, I was again given 4 different opinions about the iPad from various members of the civil rights movement.

Whats interesting is that the 4 different commentators while united on various social activist issues, actually echoed the very same divided opinions that every single official critic of the iPad has written about in the past few days.

The following statements are all in response to the thought provoking question “Would you buy an iPad?”

Statement #1:

“If you gave me an iPad for free, I’d take it, but I’m still going to use my laptop for doing real work, there is no way I would ever drop 500-1k on a device without a real hard drive, in fact I’d laugh at you for being stupid enough to buy one right now.”

Statement #2:

“The iPad is excellent as a device for consumption, it has applications, it allows you to read the web, check email, watch videos, listen to music, etc BUT is largely incapable of competing with even a $300 netbook in the realm of content creation. If your not a producer of content, then the iPad is an excellent item to have.”

Statement #3:

“The iPad is hands down the wave of the future. Already we see HP and other companies attempting to create buzz for their very own Tablet style computers. I probably won’t buy this first incarnation of the iPad but I believe that once Apple fixes a few of the issues (add a camera, fix the Wi-Fi problems, make it lighter, 16:9 screen issues etc) I’ll be first in line to get one.”

Statement #4:

I’m buying one just because I gotta have one.

And there you have it, a virtual break down of all the opinions you will ever get regarding the iPad, from 4 members of the social activist community.


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