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More OS4 and Multi-Tasking

April 8, 2010

Today in Cupertino Steve Jobs gives us more of that OS4 that we’ve all been clamoring about.

Lets just say, its going to be the revolutionary step forward we’ve all been waiting for.

Why? Multitasking.

Multitasking, or having multiple applications open at the same time is a feature that is common place on virtually any PC or Mac. However, on the iPhone, listening to Pandora while checking your Email wasn’t an option.

Jobs has always stated:

it’s easy to implement multitasking to kill battery life and make the device become sluggish.

And this is largely true. Having your email account open, listening to Pandora, while also surfing the web can really drain battery life. It also creates sluggishness, a feature that Apple products do their best to avoid. However, OS4 seems to have found ways around this. While not mentioning any new technology in particular, Jobs seems to make it clear that different resource hogging apps like Pandora or GPS systems will be built smarter so as to drain less battery. OS4 will allow these apps to operate in a smarter way and thus drain battery life at a slower rate.

Heres an example of making an app smarter towards battery life:

There are two classes of apps that want to use your location in the background, like TomTom. Again, if you left the app before, the GPS services stopped. That’s no longer the case. The other class of apps is social networking apps like Loopt. GPS can be a power hog and for TomTom, that’s OK – it’s being used in the car and probably being charged. For others, though, it uses cell towers to provide that location – eliminating the power drain of an always-on GPS.

OS4 will be coming to the iPhone this summer and to the iPad this Fall.

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