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OS4 keeps bringing it

April 8, 2010

From TiPb writer Rene Ritchie:


iPhone 4.0 beta 1 is now available to developers via and it doesn’t just bring the 7 “tent-pole” features announced so far for consumers, it brings 1500 new APIs to developers including some we’ve been waiting for for a long time:

  • Date data detectors
  • Calendar access
  • address data detectors
  • Automated testing
  • Block based animation
  • iPod remote control accessories
  • In-app SMS
  • Regular expression matching
  • Performance profiling tools
  • Accelerate
  • Date formatters
  • Photo library access
  • Image I/O
  • Embed PDF metadata
  • Draggable map annotations
  • Half-curl page transition
  • Quick look
  • Power analysis tools
  • Full map overlays
  • Call event notification
  • Full access to still and video camera data
  • ICC profiles
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