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PCWorlds iPad Review

April 8, 2010

Mac-centric publications and the mainstream media in general have all been head over heels for the iPad. However, PC magazines and commentators have taken a far more skeptical approach.

In fact PC world magazine seems to imply that the iPad has generated far more negativity than applause.

The overall reaction has been, in a word, underwhelming. What was hotly anticipated has mostly turned into cold soup. So what happened and what is being said?

There is, without a doubt, much disappointment surrounding the iPad. Bloggers curb-stomped it for its shortcomings

And I’ll be the first to admit that those shortcomings are very real:

  • No multitasking
  • No Adobe Flash (yet)
  • No camera or iChat capabilities
  • No HDMI port
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Still dependent on AT&T’s 3G service
  • Dependence on adapters

Nonetheless, most reviews I’ve been reading particularly this one from the Huffington Post have completely downplayed those flaws as irrelevant. PC enthusiasts however, believe that these flaws are the bane of the iPads existence.

In fact PC World does make a point that a lot of the Tech world commentary on the iPad has been rather cautious.

The round-up of other influential tech blogs brought the same lukewarm response I believe we should expect from what looks to be a wishy-washy on-the-fence device. Gizmodo, quite simply, hated it. In a very long, multi-person take, Engadget was kinda “meh.” ZDNet, like many, urged caution. And the editors here at PC World teetered toward the negative in multiple editorial takes.

Nonetheless, mainstream publications like the New York Times, Times, Newsweek, etc have all taken a rather favorable view of the iPad and seem to be encouraging its growth while completely downplaying its negatives. Most people who own an iPhone probably don’t read PCWorld anyway. They read the New York Times or other mainstream publications for their news on how to cook, what political stance to take, and what tech gadget to buy. So in the end, the urge for caution from various tech commentators will most likely fall on deaf ears as the iPad passes the million mark.


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