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Would you ditch your Blackberry?

April 17, 2010

He wants an iPhone

According to the people at Crowd Science almost 40% of current Blackberry owners would switch to an iPhone when their current terms expire, while another 32% would swap out their Blackberrys for the upcoming Nexus One.

But why? Isn’t the Blackberry synonymous with business executives and their ilk? And while this may be true, more and more people are beginning to mix up the reasons they use their phones.

The image of a business executive in a limo responding to emails on his blackberry is fast becoming a relic of a distant past. The reality is that people are now catching up on their email while stuck in traffic, on the toilet seat, in the classroom, on a treadmill, or while doing nothing in particular.

The world of instant messaging, multi-megabyte email attachments, quick links to YouTube videos, status updates, etc has entered the consciousness of an entire generation.

Our bandwith is quickly being contaminated with the mindless droning of seemingly meaningless information – and the worlds a better place for it.

No longer must you be a business exec to mass email a picture of your favorite Subway sandwich to all your friends anymore.


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