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Dell Announces Android based Tablet and other Android goodies

April 22, 2010

Apple may have a head start in the neo tablet market but it was only a matter of time before other developers began creating tablets of their own.

With Google pushing its Android technology to any developer that wishes to utilize it and Microsoft more than eager to put a roadblock in Apples ascension, it was only inevitable before a pantheon of tablet devices would enter the market.

Along with a slew of new items, including a smart phone, Dell announces the Dell Tablet.

Dubbed the “Looking Glass” it will release in November and is essentially a larger big brother version of the Dell Mini (now dubbed the Streak).

From Engadget:

For starters, it’s running Android 2.1 on a Tegra 2 processor, with an optional TV tuner module so you can watch ATSC or DVB-T programming on the seven-inch 800×480 display — the same resolution as the Streak, which is sort of weak. In addition, the render on the slide shows an AT&T U-verse browser, though, which is interesting — too bad there’s no more info about it. RAM is pegged at 4GB, with another 4GB of flash for storage and an SDHC slot for up to 32GB of expansion, and there’s a 1.3 megapixel camera.


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