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Tablets to compete with Apples iPad

May 3, 2010

Almost like clockwork every other company with a transistor under its belt will be joining the Tablet gravy train.

How successful will these companies be is hard to determine but it wouldn’t be an understatement to state that Apples iPad is successful for more reasons than just being a Tablet.

The success of Apple’s new iPad has prompted other tech companies to plunge into the market for tablet computers, with start-ups and major PC-makers racing to introduce their own competing devices before the end of the year.

Apple as usual has set the bar and in the process has created a new market.

Of course the biggest tangible evidence of a new tablet computer is HP’s Slate.

Further confounding the issue is that many execs believe that creating a tablet is a simple procedure that anyone with money can pull off.

“Anybody can make a tablet. I could go to Taiwan,” hire a contract manufacturer, “and make ‘Bob’s tablet,’ ” said Bob O’Donnell, an industry analyst with International Data Corporation. “The hard part is doing the software and getting the applications.”

If any company has that ability, analysts say that HP, which sold nearly 60 million PCs last year, has the size and clout to line up deals with major content providers and mount a massive promotional campaign.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


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