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Apple against the Department of Justice?

May 5, 2010

Remember the Flash wars? Its escalating.

It was one thing for Apple to deny Flash on their mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. However, to deny the Adobe compiler (which would make it possible for any developer to develop applications across all platforms) is crossing the line according to the Department of Justice and the FCC.

From Tech Crunch:

You see, Adobe’s cross-compiler would (or, would in time, in theory) allow for developers to build one application that worked on a number of smartphone platforms (the iPhone included) rather than requiring them to invest the resources to build for each platform separately.

By banishing cross-compiling, is Apple making unfair moves to force developers to choose between developing on iDevices and developing on.. everything else? That’s what the inquiry will aim to figure out.

Apple has been framing their decision as a positive one for developers from the beginning: they just don’t want developers to rely on tools that might be out of date versus the official SDK — or even abandoned altogether, eventually.

In a sense the DoJ and the FCC have a point – Apple is indeed blocking competition by trying to push Flash based products into the gutter.

How the war pans out is yet to be seen, but Apple could be facing some stiff challenges in the months to come as Adobe shows no signs of backing down.


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