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Apple Tried to Hide Evidence?

May 14, 2010

From Tech Crunch:

Apple seems to have all the drama in its court these days, with the Google, Adobe, Microsoft Rivalry, the Flash Wars, and the Gizmodo scandal there just never seems to be a slow day for Apple gossip.

So what else can go sour? Well the Gizmodo case can take a turn for the worst when it has just become apparent that Apple is the party that sparked the police investigation.

Earlier today, at the insistence of a coalition of media organizations including Wired and Cnet, a judge unsealed an affidavit the iPhone 4G leak case that has uncovered many more details about the case. The documents, which contain the affidavit of Detective Matthew Broad of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, affirm that it was Apple that sparked the police investigation, and offers a timeline of events leading up to the police raid of Gizmodo editor’s Jason Chen’s house. We’ve embedded the full document below, via Cnet.

Jason Chen got it real bad from Apple with the investigation and the police breaking into his home and all.

These latest revelations only add more to Apple drama.


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