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May 17, 2010

From Tech Crunch:

Around two weeks ago, Visa announced that they’d partnered with a company called DeviceFidelity to build the iPhone case of our dreams: one that would allow us to use our iPhone as a credit card at any of the thousands of retailers who support no-swipe payments. As quickly as it was announced, however, it was gone; around an hour after the press release went up, it got pulled.

It has returned! This time around, it’s got a name — and better yet, we’ve got pictures.

Back in 2009, DeviceFidelity managed to stuff a near-field communications chip into a microSD card. Stuff said microSD card into a compatible phone, and bam – your phone can now act as a contactless credit card, with on-device software unlocking the card for use whenever the user punches in their password. The problem: none of the iPhones released thus far have a microSD slot.

Enter the new case, now dubbed the “In2Pay” (They should have called it the “payPhone”. Get it? Like a pay phone. Hah. Update: Crap. Someone already trademarked it.) Like a handful of third-party external battery cases, this new case plugs into the bottom of the iPhone via the dock connector. This connection provides power and an interface for the SD card. Pop on the case, plug in the microSD card, download the payment app from the App Store — and bam, you’re buying stuff at PetCo like someone from the future and/or Japan.


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