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Why Apple TV Failed?

May 21, 2010

Excellent article from TechCrunch outlining Google TV and what this means for the Apple/Google rivarly.

An interesting point is raised in regards to why Apple TV failed and why Google TV may succeed.

Whereas Apple TV is a device and a piece of software, Google TV is just a platform. Sony TVs will be called something different, for example, but they’ll have Google TV built-in. And this is an important distinction because it allows Google to take what makes current TVs popular — showing TV content — and build on top of it. Apple doesn’t do that with Apple TV. Instead, they created an entirely new way to get content (by download via iTunes).

Users shouldn’t have to choose between TV or the web — they can have both, is the way Google put it.

Google’s Vic Gundotra went further. He called the question about positioning against the Apple TV “eerily similar to the questions we heard about Android.” Gundotra suggested that everyone look at the success they’ve had with Android. Success in an open way, he made sure to emphasize. “We’ll have similar success,” Gundotra said.


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  1. Tomas permalink

    Google TV will increase a quantity of Subscribers of paid TV, described in more detail here –

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