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The New Competitors

July 11, 2010

From TechCrunch:

Just a quick note: the Vibrant, T-Mobile’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S Android big-phone, will be getting here a little early — July 15th to be precise.

Maybe it’s to head off the Droid X menace (not to mention the other Galaxy models), or maybe they just got things done a little quicker than expected and want to push it out the door. We’ll never know.

I mean, unless somebody tells us.

It can be argued that the smart phone wars are finally beginning to even out. The iPhone may still have a commanding lead over the Android phone market but that lead continues to shrink everyday. This is especially true given that AT&T is the only carrier for the iPhone and that new Android based phones continue to come out on an almost monthly basis.

The fact that Android based phones are not competing with each other as well as the iPhone is also a tell tale sign of a new era in the smart phone market.

Its a simple fact that the Android platform allows competitors to put out newer and more advanced phones at a rate quicker than the annual iPhone.

What this potentially means for the near future is that the iPhone can potentially be out teched within a few more development cycles.


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