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The Interactive White Board – Media Slate

December 19, 2010

In yet another example of the iPads ability to change the game of mobile technology, Moobila is introducing their Media Slate app which allows users to turn their iPad’s into white boards that can be edited, shared, and be shown on a bigger display all while being able to interact with the application through their iPads.

MediaSlate will convert your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Take notes, give presentations, use in classroom or play board games with your colleagues. Draw as many items as you want by just using your fingers. Erase and draw again. A perfect substitute of a whiteboard and notepad. Use your finger to write in your own hand writing. Share the board screen in an email.
Future version will have feature to display the board screen on a multimedia projector.

Following are some key features of MediaSlate

  • Set line pattern to solid, dotted or straight line
  • Adjust line color
  • Select your unique color range by mixing various colors
  • Change background color
  • Use as many colors as you want
  • Clear board using the eraser
  • Adjust line thickness
  • Redo and Undo features
  • Email board screens

All in all an app that should be receiving more airplay given its usefulness.


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